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Amadeyo EP – Jinku feat. Various (Inc Nu Fvnk)

Released on Sofa Lounge Records 09/11/15


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Notes from Jinku

The entire EP is a bold exploration into the potential of East African sound. It strives to encompass a new future, create a template and inspire those who listen to it to trust their vibrations and the vibrations that the world is placing them on. It is for this reason that the name is derived from Wolfgang Mozart’s second name, Amadeus, then Africanised into Amadeyo – foregrounding the contribution that Jinku hopes to one day achieve in Africa, then the world.

Amadeyo was planned out as a cohesive story. Throughout its production the concept of self-emancipation has constituted the foundation of the EP. Different elements of freedom of self are expressed through the varying sounds of each record, although the ultimate message is that freedom is about being true to self and pursuing what one loves