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Attitude by Mvroe and Joseph Kiwango

Produced by Hiribae

Self Released through OkayMusic 03/11/17

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Notes about the track

Attitude is the 3rd single from the soon to be released album by Mvroe and Joseph Kiwango entitled ‘Let Her Come Over’, which is a collaborative album 2 other members of the EA Wave crew co-producing, Ukweli and Hiribae. Attitude is a party song, the lyrics written by Mvroe, referencing that feeling which comes when you’ve done something amazing.

Mvroe describes the partnership with Joseph Kiwango as two ‘me’s’ working together, not a meeting of two different minds, but a doubling of one. Mvroe, is 1/5th of EA Wave (East African Wave collective of DJ Producers), along with Ukweli and Hiribae who have co-produced tracks on this album project and Joseph is one of the Cosmic Homies crew (described as a collective of multicultural creatives rather than a band). Both collectives have put themselves slap bang in the centre of a new creative burst of energy in Nairobi, revolving around the much talked about #nuNairobi hashtag. The scene is built on a kind of swap shop of talents, producing in anything from proper studios to bedrooms, where music making is the social life. Truly East African, with Joseph coming from Dar Es Salaam, in Tanzania and Mvroe, Ukweli and Hiribae, from Nairobi, in Kenya, they represent an urban youth who have grown up with a genuine mix of local East African and global influences. They don’t feel the need to make things sound African, they are African and so what they produce is East Africa 2017. Mvroe and Joseph worked together for the first time on the EA Wave produced Indigo EP by Karun (another member of Cosmic Homies) where Joseph featured on ‘Need U The Most’. They’ve already had mentions in FADER and OkayAfrica for previous musical projects.