//DJ Bookings

The EA Wave collective can be booked in different ways. 4 of the 5 members DJ independently Jinku, Hiribae, Nu Fvnk and Ukweli and each have very much their own style.

They can be booked to DJ solo or as a whole crew or as 2 or 3 together depending on the nature of the event. Booking fees varying accordingly.



//EA Wave Live Performance

EA Wave now also perform a hybrid live electronic act, with their own original music, using midi instruments, bass, keyboards and vocals. For this new setup we travel with an engineer. It’s very much like a live band set up rather than a DJ set, but still electronic in nature, so that it will fit in either an event which has live acts or a DJ event. What they are doing with this is somewhat unique and as a concept is influenced by the likes of Bonobo and Four Tet.

The music cuts across genres from house, to psychedelic downtempo, to Jazz, to Latin and more or less everything in between, while still managing to have a very East African electronic flavour. Their energy on stage and swapping of roles between instruments, makes it highly visual and engaging. This is new, partly experimental, as is the music they are creating for this, so at this time booking opportunities to perform with this act at festivals locally and globally will be looked at favourably.

//Licensing Opportunities


EA Wave are currently self published and independent. Licensing for tracks released through OkayMusic platform are handled via OkayMusic. Other unreleased music on the various EA Wave channels, may be available, subject to formal agreements being made.

EA Wave as individuals and as a collective also compose tracks for film, NGO’s, documentary and commercial licensing.



As an independent recording artist as well as a member of the EA Wave crew, Mvroe has a current album project with Joseph Kiwango called ‘Let Her Come Over’ off which there are 3 official releases to date.  Mvroe and Joseph are available for PA’s and performances, with or without backing group.  Please get in touch at manager@eastafricanwave.com



Each of the Wave collective have different production and musical styles. Currently they are focusing on their own tracks or collaborations. Artists looking for an EA Wave producer for their project, should at least try to identify which member of the collective most suits their music. Whether a project is accepted or not will be at the discretion of each producer.

//Get in touch



For those who wish to interview or write about EA Wave or any of the crew, please first of all read their EPK’s, most stories can be compiled from these.

EA Wave on Presskit

EA Wave on Sonicbids

For any other requests please contact management at manager@eastafricanwave.com