Jojo Abot + EA Wave | Afri-Na-Ladi

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Back in 2015

EA Wave were so fortunate to collaborate with Jojo Abot back at the end of 2015, and it really helped cement their work as a collective. It was at the start of the AFRI-NA-LADI project, a multimedia workshop featuring collaborations between some of Africa’s underground artists in Kenya. The project was curated by Jojo and this song and video (shot on a phone) were just one of the results.

Notes from Jojo Abot’s soundcloud

Recorded in Kenya, Mega Kpenu Nao meaning Let it shame you not, is a song that marks the beginning of the AFRI-NA-LADI multimedia workshop happening in Kenya (December 2015 – March,2016) Curated by Jojo Abot

The track features the sounds of Kenyan DJ/Producer collective, EAST AFRICAN WAVE. A Nairobi based musical collective consisting of Nu Fvnk, Jinku, Ukweli, Hiribae and Mvroe with a goal to challenge existing perceptions of what African music and art is.

Sample Credit – Missy Elliot (Work It)

Directed by Jojo Abot

Cinematography Jojo Abot, Ukweli

Nairobi (December,2015)

Music Produced by Jojo Abot + EA WAVE